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Why Logos Daily courses over others?

Besides learning in community of others and having direct access to the instructors, we’ve created our courses out of real-world problems voiced in our growing community.

What should I expect to learn?

Our focus is on real-life training that can be applied to your personal library and that’s why we always include a task for you to complete in your own library.

Do I get unlimited access?

Our courses can be yours by either purchasing for a one-time fee or as a subscription in our community Pro Plan.

Meet the Community

Supportive and advanced forums for Logos and everyday Bible study.



Plans & Pricing

Become a Logos Daily Circle member to unlock advanced forums, courses, live coach support, monthly training webinars, and more.

Free Plan


Access our community without support from our coaches and courses. Join the same community for updates and reminders, at absolutely no cost.


A community of Logos users


Advanced user forums


Free training webinars


Monthly training webinars

Basic Plan


Surround yourself with students of the Bible while you learn to make the most of your Logos library and effectively dig into God’s Word.

Everything in the Free Plan


Our team of Logos experts


A global community of students


Reading clubs and small groups


25% savings on one-on-one training calls

Pro Plan


Expand the Basic Plan benefits with a growing library of training videos, courses, and in-person events.

Everything in the Basic Plan


Video demonstration library


Collaborative courses


In-Person events


50% savings on one-on-one training calls

Basic Plan

Pro Plan

Logos User Community

A dedicated space online for users to gather without spam or advertisements.


✔️ ✔️

A Team of Logos Coaches

Logos experts always available on-call to answer questions and provide training.


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Monthly Training Webinars

Dig into a new focused topic every month as one of our team members host live stream events—and always catch the replay if you cannot make it live.


✔️ ✔️

User Match-Ups

Meet other Logos users from around the world and learn how they use Logos with  automated matching for new small group meetings.


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Access to Course Instructors

As you’re completing your Logos courses, feel free to ask your questions directly to the instructors along the way. No more hoping you’re getting it right.



Video Demonstration Library

Our team of coaches have been building a library of demonstration videos over the years for you to learn about Logos features, tools, and resources.



Collaborative Courses

Our courses are designed to walk you step-by-step through Logos and always provide practical assignments for you to complete in your own software.



In-Person Logos Training Events

With coaches and community members around the globe, members can be a part of in-person meetups focused on studying the Bible with Logos.


All community members also receive special savings on one-on-one video training calls. Basic Plan members qualify for 25% savings and Pro Plan members qualify for 50% savings. Discount coupon codes are provided for all members to use at booking.

Special Savings

Community Members Save on Coaching

Circle members receive much more than monthly webinars, training videos and courses, reading groups, and a growing community of Logos users—Circle members also unlock up to 50% savings on one-on-one coaching calls.

Will I fit in if I'm new to Logos?

If you are afraid that this community will be too advanced for you to learn anything, think again! We have members from all walks of life—young and old alike. Our team of coaches will provide support at the level you need and our courses are made for both novice and pro users.

How do refunds or upgrades work?

There is more on that in our Policies & Promises section (see the footer), but the short of it is that you can manage this yourself or email team@logosdaily.com with any matters you have trouble managing yourself from your profile.

If my subscription payment fails, do I lose access to the community?

As with most any subscription service, we cannot keep creating and supporting users if we cannot pay the overhead of keeping the lights on—so failure to continue your subscription will result in the loss of community access.

Can you tell me more about your team of Logos coaches?

First, you should know we started this service because we’ve been in your shoes trying to get a handle on Logos—but we had to learn the hard way. Our coaches are pastors, project managers, moms, grand-parents, marketers, students, and any other number of passionate students of the Word, but the difference is they’ve been vetted to effectively answer your questions thanks to their years of experience. You can learn more on our team on the About page (see the footer).

Do community members really get a discount on coaching calls?

Honestly, we think the best way to learn Logos is to hop on a call with someone who truly knows their way around. No video library or course can beat sharing your screen, asking your specific questions, and getting in-the-moment answers. We reward our members with the following savings on calls: Basic Plan members save 25% and Pro Plan members save 50%.

Do you have discounts for military, students, or pastors?

Absolutely. Please email team@logosdaily.com from your academic, military, or church email address to receive special savings!


We’ve tried to tackle some of the most popular questions here but please feel free to contact our team today for additional help.

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